Tuesday, May 5, 2009

For my Atlanta Audience, BERT SHOW needs to END!

So when the Bert Show first hit the air, it was really a fun show to listen to, it was far more progressive and original than Steve and Vicky and the show had likeable people.

The show originally began with Bert Weiss, Melissa Carter, Jeff Dauler and Lindsay from MTV'S Real World Seattle and Crash Clark did traffic.

Bert was married and didn't have kids and didn't suck up to celebrities, Melissa was going through kidney transplant, Jeff was playing phone scams and other great scams and Lindsay brought some quasi celebrity to the show. And sweet Crash, generally got drunk everywhere and brought even more comedy to the show.

The show was consistently entertaining.

Lindsay left year 2 I think when she took a job doing tv in Tampa, Fl. At that Jenn Hobby who had been doing some small bits on the show became a regular. Jenn was originally very likeable, she was dating Ryan Newell of Sister Hazel and brought a refreshing dating aspect to the show.

Over time, Crash was let go for a prank gone bad on another station and went to Boston to do radio. Bert had two kids. Jenn got married and divorced. And some others came and went, some more likeable then others but I kept listening.

Here are the problems with the show now, the show has moved up the ratings and in moving up the ratings, other opportunities have arisen, Jeff got in the biscuit business, Jenn started doing some minor tv, so did Bert, Melissa got another national radio show that has since been canceled but I think the outside stuff has killed the show and all of their heads have gotten too big.

I will take them one by one:

Bert, he used to be really down to earth and if nothing else likeable, now he is celebrity crazy and spends more time talking about he went to a party here with such and such celebrity or he played Augusta National, and its just obnoxious now. He thinks he is more than he is and he has lost the likeability he once had.

Jeff, he used to be genuinely funny with creative phone scams that long ago died because he got bored with them and he also stopped trying to scam everyone. Now, he is largely useless with the very occasional funny one liner during the course of the show.

Melissa, she has always been my least favorite because she has just never brought much, her identity is tied up far too much in her sexuality and in being a lesbian. She does not have a great sense of humor, she's just kinda there and as time has gone on, you really don't even notice her on the air.

Jenn, she has become far too mouthy on politics for someone with a degree from FSU. She thinks she is far brighter and intelligent than she actually is and its grown tired. Oh, and in many circles in Atlanta its known that cheated on her husband Ryan and thats what led to her divorce.

Wendy, she joined the show doing traffic and while originally fresh and bringing a fresh, young voice to the show, she has quickly become old and tired.

I don't think there is really anything that can save the show at this point, there was a point where Bert was likeable and a couple fresh voices could have been added but its too late for that now, Bert is now the white Frank Ski. The Bert Show has become a bad, the View, instead of what it originally was which was likeable people and an entertaining and funny program. It was never ground breaking but it was good. Now, its old, tired and boring.

This is why now when I listen to morning radio, I just listen to Seacrest via the internet. Ryan is likeable and entertaining and has not let the celebrity go to his head. Ryan is a real celebrity and Bert is at best a quasi Atlanta celebrity.

If you listen to Bert and the gang and have grown tired of the same ole, same - you might want to give Seacrest a try or at this point Steve and Vicky, atleast Steve is still likeable even after 40 years in Atlanta radio.


Anonymous said...

Um ... Steve and Vikky no longer exist. Steve got fired months ago.

Anonymous said...

I stumbled across this blog and I have to say that I agree with this post one hundred percent! You are dead on about how big their heads have become. I moved to LA loving and missing this show and moved back loathing it. I never listen anymore. They think they are the coolest, hippest and they are the opposite. Bleck. Over The Bert Show!

Anonymous said...

I have to completely disagree. In fact I think you yourself think way too much of your own opinion. I'm glad not too many people agree with you because the Bert Show, while possibly not as great as it once was, is still a highly entertaining and diverse show. Although I will say that I am extremely upset by the loss of Melissa Carter because she was my favorite and I feel as though a balance has been lost. They are working on hitting their stride again though.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more with the commentary! Thank goodness for SiriusXM, because The Bert Show is TERRIBLE, just dreadful radio! Everyone knows that the so-called "real people" who call into the show with "problems" are really local actors who are paid to be on the show. Anyone with half of a brain can tell how fake it is.

P.S. Jenn Hobby. Ugh. Is she Chinese, or what? Those eyes.

Anonymous said...

I love the Bert show, in fact I set my alarm just to get up and listen!!!

Peaslepuff said...

This is so ridiculous! Let me take your posts down one by one:

1) Bert - total sweetheart, it's clear that he adores his kids, and I think having them adds an extra element to the show. We get to hear about interesting things like school bullies, discipline, etc. Maybe he was celebrity crazy a few years ago, but he's certainly not anymore. Knowing some celebrities does not equal to sucking up. You sound jealous. And slightly bitter.

2) Jeff - ...Okay, yeah, no argument here

3) Melissa is no longer around, but let me just say that she was way more intelligent than Kristin, who doesn't know anything about anything unless it relates to trashy television

4) First off, who the fuck are you? There are conflicting accounts about who cheated, but it's certainly none of YOUR business. Second, again, who the fuck are you? You're equating someone's intelligence with what SCHOOL they went to? How old are you? You sound like a goddamned child.

5) Wendy barely speaks. I don't care about Wendy.

Ugh, I shouldn't expect anything more from someone as vapid as you.

Anonymous said...

Well written blog, I agree with most things said about this show.

I started listening to this show about a year ago. I liked it initially, but in the last few months it has gotten so boring (except a few segments here and there). If you've listened to the show for about 2 months, you know almost everything about their lives - Bert's kids and wife, Jenn's husband and new home, Wendy and her issues with her dad, etc. Who cares about their personal life?!?!

Anonymous said...

Amen sister, amen! I never liked Melissa either, until Kristin showed up. She is a fucking idiot. Now I long for the days of that sexuality obsessed lesbian. She was judgmental and harsh, but at least she had a brain. Jeff lost his relevance years ago, but now that Jessica has left him he has completely checked out. He's barely present, even on those rare days he makes it in to the office.

I disagree about Jenn though, she has finally come into her own. And yeah, she cheated on Ryan, but who cares. I've cheated before. It might make me a bad wife, but it doesn't make me bad at my job.

Bert - YES!!! That whole debacle about the Ali project just bout made my ears bleed. Who the fuck even cares anymore. It was all just an excuse to let us know he knows Ali. He is exactly a white Frank Ski. No wonder they are friends.


Anonymous said...

This blog seems pretty petty. You call out Bert for being celebrity-obsessed, but isn't your blog all about Lauren Conrad sightings? She's not even considered a celebrity by most. She's a reality TV star. So, what does that make you?

If you honestly think Melissa's personality was "wrapped up" in her sexuality, I would argue that you didn't really listen to what she said.

The same goes for Jenn. If you listen to her--whether or not you agree with her--it's clear that she is smart and well-educated. And I'm not sure how much you know about colleges in general, but FSU is a very good school with an excellent reputation.

You're entitled to your opinion, but it doesn't seem like you're able to back it up with facts or examples.

rob hughes said...

I agree with you 100 percent too. Bert is such a celebrity butt kisser that it's nauseating. The rest of the people on the show are just there to keep from there being silence. I hate that Bert got a divorce, but I knew it was coming. There is no way a woman can respect her husband if he is that effimenate. Yeah he works out, but other than that he is about as unmanly as a guy can be. The worst part is at times he almost seems proud of it. It's pathetic.

rob hughes said...

I agree with you 100 percent too. Bert is such a celebrity butt kisser that it's nauseating. The rest of the people on the show are just there to keep from there being silence. I hate that Bert got a divorce, but I knew it was coming. There is no way a woman can respect her husband if he is that effimenate. Yeah he works out, but other than that he is about as unmanly as a guy can be. The worst part is at times he almost seems proud of it. It's pathetic.

Pamela Barnett said...

You should write another blog for the new cast: (2016)

Bert - ummm bert
Kristin - celebrity ebuzz
Brian - comic relief
Christian - traffic/ food porn
Chase - producer
Davi- not sure what she does other than cry
Cassie - not sure what she does other than cry

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

The show has just lost it's appeal, since it first came on air. The first several years were great, until the crew started changing. There were a bunch of great cast members in the past. None of them really bothered me much, even though they are all a little self absorbed, but that's expected in radio. Of course, as they have gotten more popular and known in the radio talk show industry, they're all like that, if not more. Yes, I can see how Jeff may have gotten on people's nerves, but I thought he was good for the show, b/c he always butted heads with the other cast members, and created the tension, instead of just agreeing with everyone. I think his opinions, humor and sarcasm helped the show. He was just always hidden in Bert's shadow, when he wanted to stand out more, therefore, leading him to move on to another local show, with old cast mate, Jenn. But I don't think their show comes close to even being as good as they used to have it. Bert has just been a diva since their popularity has grown. And the addition of Kristin and especially Davi, have just killed the show. I can bet that ratings are not like they used to be. Kristin and Cassie are just the biggest cry babies about everything, and Kristin only contributes by giving the celebrity gossip, which even then, sucks. Now as to the real killer, Davi... She sucks the most and is the most annoying cast member added to the show. Why they added her, I don't know. She freaking sucks. The station must have been lazy to go out there and find a couple of more dynamic people, and just resorted to who they had on staff already. They should have just kept her in the background with mild involvement, like she had, b/c her VOICE and input are the most annoying things on radio today. She doesn't add anything to the show, except a nasally, earache of a voice! I really hope that the show takes a turn for the best, and that all of them rebuild that passion for the show, like the beginning days, instead of the "it's all about me" rants.