Monday, May 11, 2009

I am so sick of Heidi MONTAG and her BLASPHEMY!

From Heidi's twitter:

Good night God bless you all! Thank you Jesus for another day of life xoxo

This stupid little bitch drives me crazy! Heidi is so ungod like it is not even funny, shacking with her boyfriend, premarital sex, starting rumors your friend has a sex tape, encouraging your friends to f**k their other friends boyfriend(Heidi-Jen-Lauren-Brody), just to name a few.

Give me a break and stop using God you worthless tramp.

I seriously hope she burns in hell!


Anonymous said...

I doubt that God will approve of her upcoming Playboy spread either.

CRS said...

^^exactly, she is just so full of s**t

Anonymous said...

I COMPLETELY agree. It honestly disgusts me, the way she parades around with her stupid cross necklaces, saying that she loves God and blah blah blah.

I wonder if she thinks God is actually Spencer, seeing as how brainwashed she is. Moron.

Linzy said...

When you think of it, their whole wedding was totally sacrilegious. If she is so religious she should have veiwed their church wedding as a holy sacrament not as a money making/fame-whoring ploy.