Monday, May 4, 2009

Is LAUREN CONRAD now returning to the HILLS?

Word is that Lauren Conrad may be returning to The Hills in the fall despite formally announcing her Hills retirement. Lauren is rumored to be in talks with producers negotiating her contract. If this were true, she would probably have an outrageous contract. She’d probably be up to at least $100,000 per episode by now.

A source says, “She kind of realized, especially in this economy, there’s not much else out there for her. What else can she do that would earn as much?” This is true, no doubt allowing people to film your life a few days a week for $75,000 an episode can’t be beat.

But, even though Lauren has reneged on her vows to retire from the show before, this time we believe she was for real. Plus, if she stayed on, her storylines are too weak to carry the show since Mr. Boyfriend (Kyle Howard)can’t be filmed. So we’re not buying what the rumors are selling.

Lauren is also rumored to be making cameos next season. This we can see.

I have said before Lauren leaving could well be a negotiating ploy. At this point with Kristin set to join I hope Lauren is only allowed back if she agrees to show her whole life, Kyle or whoever, and everything else.


Anonymous said...

I don't want Lauren to come back. It seems the only reason she's coming back is because Kristin's been asked to take over and she doesn't want that.

Lauren's still that jealous petty girl she was in high school.

Anonymous said...

^* rolling eyes over here*.