Saturday, May 9, 2009


What you need:

1. Frying Pan
2. 3 lb. boston butt (its really the shoulder) - bone removed is the best, if you bone in do about a 6lb.
3. Spices(garlic salt, red pepper, pepper, sea salt, whatever spices you like, it all works)
4. Brown Sugar
5. Roasting Pan(Pay th foil one in the store with some depth, makes clean up a sinch)
6. Apple Juice
7. 1 Can of Regular Coca Cola

Season the pork with spices and brown sugar, let it marinate for an hour.

Heat the frying pan to high, coat with bottom with olive oil or vegtable is fine too, sear the pork on all sides and all areas.

Remove the pork from the pan.

The pan will be covered with brown bits, add two cups of apple juice to the pan, this is called deglazing, as the apple juice heats, scrap the pan, this does two things, you get all the flavor from seering the meat, the apple juice thickens slightly, and two, it cleans the pan for you basically.

Place the pork in the roasting pan, now with a sharp knife slit the pork in various spots, now pour the apple juice solution from the pan over the pork. Now pour the one can of coke over the pork.

Preheat the oven to 350.

Place the roasting pan covered with foil in the oven.

Set a timer for six hours.

Everyhour, turn the pork over.

After one hour turn the oven down to 300-325.

Meat should reach 170-180, use an instaread thermometer.

After 5-6 hours remove the meat, wrap tightly in foil, walk away for one hour.

Now when you unwrap the pork, it will pull apart for easily.

How to dress it, splash a little apple vinegar over the pulled pork and add your favorite bbq sauce to taste.

I personally think it is better to dress it and then let it sit overnight. The flavors really come together.

This makes 8 sandwiches easy.

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