Thursday, February 28, 2008

Audrina PATRIDGE hits the VALET!

I dont love the top or the pants tucked in the boots or for that matter the boots at all!


Anonymous said...

Come On!!! Stop posting her pictures so close to lunch time. I am literally getting sick by looking at her. I start thinking all kinds of gross thoughts when I see her. She is the nastiest "celebrity" if I can even call her that. I only think of one thing when I see her and it's cheese. Cream cheese, ricotta cheese, whats that really smelly cheese? Her jeans are always so tight and suctioned to her...the girl never gives her cooter breathing time and she makes me think yeast infection. God please make it stop!!! I mean even Heidi is like uber hot compared to this trash bag.

Anonymous said...

^^hahaha! have a good lunch on the east coast!