Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Ok, first, LC must be taking a break because I have scoured pretty hard and can't find anything. So, this show Quarterlife looks like it will be worth a watch tonight on NBC at 10 EST.
From Marshall Herskovitz and Edward Zwick, the creative team behind "My So-Called Life," "thirtysomething," "Legends of the Fall," and "Blood Diamond," comes NBC's new show "quarterlife," the first network-quality series that was produced first for the Internet.
Known for their incisive portrayals of relationships and experience during life's key passages, Herskovitz and Zwick take on the crucial years between 20 and 30 in "quarterlife," when so many of life's important decisions are made. "quarterlife" tells the ongoing stories of six creative people in their twenties. As with Herskovitz and Zwick's earlier series, at the center of "quarterlife" is a commitment to realism and the recognition of universal human themes through the truthful depiction of the way young people speak, work, think, love, argue, and just have fun.
The cast stars Bitsie Tulloch as Dylan ("Lonelygirl15," "LOST," "The West Wing"), Maite Schwartz as Lisa ("Medium," "Dexter," "House of Grimm"), Scott Michael Foster as Jed ("Greek," "The Horrible Flowers"), David Walton as Danny ("Heist," "Cracking Up"), Michelle Lombardo as Debra ("Click," "Entourage," "October Road"), Kevin Christy as Andy ("Love Don't Cost a Thing"), and Barret Swatek as Brittany ("Seventh Heaven," "40-Year-Old Virgin").
Starting with Dylan (Tulloch), a young woman whose overly truthful video blog (on quarterlife.com of course) spills the closest secrets of her friends, the show's characters – filmmakers Danny (Walton) and Jed (Foster), actress-bartender Lisa (Schwartz), geek-extraordinaire Andy (Christy), and still-tied-to-her-parents Debra (Lombardo) – chart the sometimes excruciating, sometimes comic, often emotional experiences that comprise coming of age in the 21st century.
"quarterlife" initially launched on MyspaceTV.com and on quarterlife.com in November 2007. The Internet series includes 36 eight-minute webisodes, with two new episodes airing each week. The show is also available on other sites such as YouTube, Facebook, and Imeem, as well as NBC.com.
quarterlife.com is home to an accompanying social network devoted to facilitating the same coming of age as the series. This generation of twentysomethings defines itself more than any in history by its creativity, and within its first few weeks quarterlife.com established itself as a community of creators, thinkers, and doers. In keeping with the authentic nature of the series, the members of the quarterlife community – by their willingness to share their feelings, creative passions, and deepest concerns – are redefining what a social network can be.
"quarterlife" is created and executive produced by Herskovitz and Zwick. The series is produced by longtime Herskovitz and Zwick associate, Josh Gummersall. Melanie Hall is chief operating officer of quarterlife.com.
I think a lot of us can relate to the quarterlife crisis. Just out of college. Where is our life going? You remember.
http://www.nbc.com/quarterlife/index.shtml - Get a feel for the show here.
Watch the Quarterlife internet episodes HERE
I think it looks really good! Internet episodes are about 9 minutes each.

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So I watched the first six internet episodes and its a good show but I don't think it will be a hit for a couple reasons, one, the cast is not very attractive and two, the way it is shot camera wise is like watching bad home movies. Will probably develop a cult following but it won't catch on mainstream. For all the complaining about the hills, the cast is cute if not hot, the scenery is beautiful and the filming style is not annoying. Can't wait for March 24!!