Thursday, February 28, 2008


The next segment on ‘Oprah’ was about a single mom of three children that is a stripper.
An Atlanta single mom of three is a stripper at a Gentlemen’s club. It gives her time for herself and her children. She has a bachelor degree in tourism and management. She got divorced and was working at a regular job, and had 19 cents in her banking account which prompted her to do something different. She was 41 and broke and a friend suggested that she works at a strip club. She now calls it a blessing. She is relieved because she has money in her bank account and a life insurance policy. She said it is what she does, not who she is.
Lisa Ling went with her to her job. It is only two days during the week, she is gone when they are sleeping anyways. They showed her at work.

Talked with her 13 year old daughter and she said that she is fine with it. She asked her mom, and at first she didn’t tell her. First she said she was a showroom model, and later she told her the truth. At first she said she was freaked out and didn’t understand it at first. She said that she does a lot more for them than the other moms do for their kids.
There is a concern about what people will say to them once they see them on Oprah. Oprah asked how you get more tips. She works hard to stay in shape and is the oldest one in the club. She said that the men talk about their wife or relationships at the club.
Oprah said that there will probably be moms that will see the show. The mom said that she had a lot of concerns of her kids being hurt by this. Lisa Ling said that the daughter is not judging her mom. Lisa pointed out that she spends so much time with her children compared to having a regular job.
Before becoming a stripper, she considered a number of other jobs. She needed to make money, and had a dilemma of getting more schooling in order to change careers. She doesn’t know where her ex-husband is at. She still worries about money.
Lisa Ling went into this report as being skeptical and she has to say that she is a really good mom that happens to be a stripper.
The stripper mom is looking for alternatives, because she knows she can’t do this forever. She wants to work as a trainer and fitness is a passion of hers.
Oprah’s book club has an online course for free starting March 3rd. The book is by author Eckhart Tolle and is called, “A New Earth, Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose.” You can sign up for the free course at

So basically the stipper was portrayed as single and stripping to pay the bills and provide for her kids.

The atlanta stripper was on the BERT SHOW in Atlanta this morning. Bert Weiss, the program host confronted the stripper that in fact she was married. The stripper came clean that yes she is now in fact married and had told Lisa Ling and the Oprah Winfrey show that she was in fact married. This was NOT disclosed on the show.

Also, apparantly her new husband is quite well to do.

So, the stripper is neither single or hard up for money!

Oprah Winfrey came down on a writer for imbellishing his writings, why is OPRAH WINFREY embelleshing her stories, on her show?

Is it possible the stripper is the liar?


Anonymous said...

I heard this too, here's what makes me think the stripper is the liar. She's a stripper! Hardly an admirable job. She's a bad example to her kids. Legal or not, stripping is disgusting. Also, if she's so proud of it why is she running to south carolina to tell relatives the day before the to tell them she's been a stripper all these years. Also shes writing a book. Not a very good story that you actually are not single and have a rich husband. Also, Bert brought it up that this was the rumor that she was married. She was on the show yesterday too, so she had yesterday and today to come clean and she's like BERT im so glad you brought this up. Why didn't she bring it up in two days? She wasn't going to bring it up, its bad for business. I dont think she ever told oprah or anyone else. Oprah vs a stripper, i believe oprah.

Anonymous said...

So why didn't she tell her relatives to begin with. Maybe to avoid some of the sanctimonious comments like I'm reading here?

So hypothetically, has anyone been interviewed by newspaper or other media before? You think perhaps a reporter might approach an interview with a certain point of view and ignore things which don't fit? I've been interiewed three times, and each time I either had my butt chewed out at work later for missing the obvious 'they had an agenda', or been surprised at what I was portrayed as having said. Not fun explaining to people later that you did say a certain thing, but they ignored it.

So what if she still does this even if she remarried? Put aside that you disagree with the line of work for a second... Say, you've been through one horrendous divorce and then had to make some hard choices about how to provide for your kids. I haven't been through a divorce, but I can see how someone might not want to put their complete financial trust in their husband of -- what is it, a year?

The ex-wife of one of my best friends is on her 3rd marriage. Each one seems to last about 2 years, and she has a kid from each one of them. Each time she gets a job only long enough to get attached to another financial provider. Hardly a role model either. At least the mom who works as a stripper is doing the best she can to be financial independent.

And yes, you believe Oprah -- because Oprah is on TV... yeah, whatever...