Friday, December 5, 2008

More on DOUG REINHARDT and AMANDA BYNES! She's getting BUSY nightly in the BED with DOUG!

We never would have imagined Amanda Bynes getting anywhere near the Hills world. But it seems we had her all wrong, because she is apparently dating the dude who was too boring for even Lauren Conrad: Doug Reinhardt.
And yes, we know what you’re thinking. Last we heard, she was dating Seth MacFarlane (or the smartest person in TV, according to Entertainment Weekly). So how would she go from the Family Guy creator to the son of the frozen burrito inventor and injured minor league baseball player?
Well, it all started, as so many young Hollywood romances do...
With a harmless night at Teddy’s. A source tells E! News the two met at the Hollywood hot spot shortly before Thanksgiving.
Amanda must have been so smitten with what Doug’s official website calls his “breathtaking” charm, because she’s been staying at his place almost every night since, the source confirms.
But don't let the sleepovers fool you. The source—who doesn't believe in TMI—says, “They haven’t had sex. And she doesn’t drink. She is kind of funny in a nerdy way." (Seriously, Amanda, run fast and far away!)
All this led up to last night's dinner at Mr. Chow, followed by some public hand-holding.
Wait till Lauren finds out. She'll turn this into some kind of trust issue and then Amanda will have to meet her for drinks and evil-eye glares. While Amanda seems too sweet for that (even if she has bad taste in guys), it would be pretty funny to watch her goofy, overexaggerated facial expressions as she attempts to deal with Lauren's dramz.

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