Sunday, January 4, 2009

Erin LUCAS? Erin WILLIAMS? Who are you girl?

The great people over at gawker have pieced together the identity of Whitney’s new friend on The City. They have discoveredthat Erin (who most sites are calling Erin Lucas), is really Erin Williams. Why does this matter? Well, she’s the daughter of AC/DC’s Cliff Williams. Again, why does this matter? We’re not sure. But it’s cool to figure her out like we’ve done with the rest of the MTV reality world!
The first clue was a picture on the wall of Erin’s apartment when Whitney gets back from lunch with Alex and is telling Erin that Alex told her that his roomate’s best friend Danielle told Alex that Jay really wants Danielle and is not dating “that girl named Whitney”. Remember that?
It is odd that she apparently is going by Erin Lucas these days for “socialiting”.
There is always a catch with everyone on the Hills or the City. I remember when we found out Whitney was actually a roommate of one of the Laguna girls and thats how the Hills found her.


Anonymous said...

Lucas or Williams who cares. she is SMOKIN HOT!

Anonymous said...

Either way, I'd like to tap it all night.

HighVoltageRocknRoll said...

Hot as hell AND her Dad is a member of AC/DC, The Greatest ROCK BAND IN THE WORLD?!?!? SHE'S PERFECT!!!!