Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Stephen COLLETTI returning to ONE TREE HILL!

What's the deal with B. Davis?

Everyone else is happy, but she's just been stripped of everything. MS: You know, Brooke in many ways -- I don't know if I've ever said this out loud -- feels a lot like Karen to me. Because Karen had been very solitary in raising Lucas. It wasn't until she got closer to Keith -- and Lucas was a senior in high school by then -- that she sort of allowed her heart to let somebody in, since having been burned by Dan. And Brooke also feels like she's chosen this solitary existence. And I think, for the fans, they feel like, if not Lucas, then no one. But we're doing this little dance with Owen right now, which we will follow up on. [Stephen] Colletti is returning, so Chase is in the mix. And there are other directions to go, too. But ultimately, I think the questions are more about Brooke and the choices she's made. Is she going to change her ways or is she going to be solitary as she continues her life? And that's interesting to me.


Anonymous said...

Stephen!!! Yayyy. Even thou OTH is super lame, with AWFUL acting!

Anonymous said...

I really like One Tree, its good entertaining mindless fun which is the whole point of tv.