Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Heidi MONTAG debuts NEW SINGLE! Is it about SPENCE?

Heidi Montag has debuted her new single, "No More."

The pop ballad centers around a love gone bad (ahem, Spencer Pratt).

"I wish that I never loved you," she croons. "I should have never let you have my heart/You made me not want to feel again/Made me scared to open up/Now I'm better off/No more bad days/Don't need you to validate me." (Read the complete lyrics below.)

Listen to the tune below and buy it on iTunes here.

It is Montag's second single following "Higher," which received negative responses from fans.

After the harsh reception to her video, Montag admitted to Us Weekly, "I cried myself to sleep."
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You tried, boy You tried to blame it on me At first it worked I was feeling so guilty You said, you said I was the reason why We couldn't work out But that was all a lie You never gave me What I gave you boy But it's your loss' Cause you made the choiceTo walk out But you want me back around I wish that I never loved you Never loved you

Chorus:I should have never let you have my heartYou made me not want to feel againMade me scared to open up, butNow I'm better offNo more bad daysDon't need you to validate me
No More(I don't need you)No More(I don't need you)No More(I don't need you)No More(I don't need you)

You made meMade me think we had something realBut then you tried to use the way I feelAgainst meMake me a yes girlYou tried to doHad to free myself'Cause I can't let youGet the best of meNo more miseryHad to free myself'Cause you're not the one for me
And I bet you wish you had my love againI bet you wish you never made that decision'Cause now you want me backI bet you want me backBut when I cry myself to sleepTell me, where are you?



I did everything you asked me toBut nothing was good enoughAnd baby, we're throughYou act so arrogantYou act like you're heaven sentAnd I'm not gonna let you get the best of meI'll find someone who loves me for me

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