Sunday, March 23, 2008

Lauren Conrad not taken seriously, Sounds about right to ME!

So what if she's had a fashion show and launched her own line: Lauren Conrad admits maintaining her designing career is still an uphill battle.
"I'm sure a lot of people don't take me seriously," she told the Wall Street Journal.
Conrad, 22, admitted, "I spend the most amount of time on the line, and it's the thing that makes me the least amount of money."
MTV hasn't helped her promote her line (cameras never follow her as she works on her collection), so she must rely on paparazzi to stir up press.
(A Journal reporter wrote that Conrad chose to dine outside a restaurant because she'd be in better view of paparazzi.)
Her rocky love life also keeps people interested in her.
Enter Brody Jenner.
Even though Jenner betrayed - he met a girl just two days after Conrad flew to Paris, Us Weekly reports in its new issue - she said she doesn't mind having him around.
"He's a cute guy who's OK with filming," she said.
Meanwhile, on Friday, Conrad also corrected false web reports about her relationship with Us Weekly, stating, "It was never my intention to criticize Us Weekly as I have a great relationship with them."

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