Sunday, March 23, 2008

Lauren CONRAD gives seven reasons to WATCH the HILLS!

1. It's like an unscripted "Sex and the City." "But we were four girls who came to L.A., and became friends over time, and friendships were broken."

2. With a dash of "The Devil Wears Prada." "That was about a girl who works at Vogue. I'm a girl who works at Teen Vogue. I get yelled at a lot. I miss birthdays and dates."

3. You'll find out why your kids are hooked. "A lot of people tell us they watch the show with their children, and it's something for them to have in common with their kids. My parents watch. It's weird because a normal 22-year-old doesn't have their parents watch their every move and know where they were the night before and if they were out drinking."

4. Even though it's reality, it feels like a drama, and not just because of all the drama. "It looks more like it's scripted because of the way they shoot it. There's a lot of editing. They use our stares for dramatic effect. All of us have more expressions on our face now, out of habit."

5. They have more beaus than Paris Hilton. "There are some new boys, some old boys, some new old-boys. We don't want to owe our time to anyone."

6. "The Hills" are alive for men, too. "I was just doing 'Ryan Seacrest' and he was saying guys are so embarrassed to watch the show. Especially older guys. People always refer to us as a guilty pleasure."

7. You'll feel young again. "A lot of older women, not even that old—I'm talking, like, late 30s—say one of the reasons they love watching is because they love reminiscing. And remembering what it's like to be young and free and in your early 20s."

I watch just for the classic Lauren meltdowns!

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