Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Heidi MONTAG's new single gets MIXED reviews!

The word is in — and it’s mixed for Heidi Montag’s latest song, “No More.”
While the Hills star’s music has been somewhat of a hard sell in the past — readers unanimously panned her first single — those same readers are now eagerly sharing their thoughts on her follow up pop song. More than 1,700 respondents have already commented.
“This release is an improvement over your last,” writes one reader. “It has a catchy melody. I’m not sure music is your niche, but you do seem persistant [sic]. That is a necessity in your industry.”
Others agree. “I kind of like it,” says one.
Interestingly, some comments take issue not with the song but with Montag. Writes commenter “Aquanetta Robinson”: “I don’t like her at all, but the words to the song [are] good because [they’re] from the heart.”
Robinson’s final summation of the song: “I would have liked it from someone else.”
Still, some are nonplussed — and suggest Montag retire from music altogether. “This is horrible,” writes “Kracka.” “If I heard this while driving, I could possibly drive into a wall. You can’t even tell what her real voice would sound like.”
The song has been digitally released and is available for download on iTunes. Montag previously released a similarly synth-heavy song, “Higher,” but has disclosed no plans to release a full album. The aspiring singer’s other major project, MTV’s The Hills, started airing its extended third season Monday. –Brian Orloff

DID any of you all like it?

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