Sunday, March 30, 2008

Lauren CONRAD talks music and FASHION!

Fashion is like music: What's old is old, but what's really old can be cool again.

"I actually was comparing music to fashion the other day, when I was picking out music for my runway show," said budding fashion designer Lauren Conrad, who is the star of the MTV reality-TV series The Hills.

"The DJ would play a song that was really 'in' a few months ago. And one of the women I was working with would say, 'I really like that song.' And I'd say, 'But it's old.' And she didn't really understand."

So Conrad, 22, used the era of new wave and hair metal to make her point.

"I told her that if I put on a top that was really cute a few seasons ago, nobody wants to wear it," Conrad recalled. "But if I pull out a top that was great 20 years ago, it's vintage and it's awesome.
"It's the same thing with music. Think about '80s rock. It's awesome now. But in the '90s, it was old and it had been done. So you either want something that's fresh or you want something that's classic."

But not in between. Got it.

"With age," Conrad concluded, "everything gets better."

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