Thursday, March 20, 2008

Audrina PATRIDGE has some more to say on those PESKY, NUDE PICS! They were ARTISTIC for christ sake!

A day after topless photos taken nearly five years ago of Audrina Patridge, 22, surfaced on the Internet, The Hills star speaks out in her own words on her MySpace Celebrity page.
“I intended them to be artistic and not in any way provocative,” Patridge writes of the photos she says were taken when she was “just out of high school.” Adding, “I was naive, overly trusting of people and inexperienced. I thought that to be a model you had to be comfortable in front of the camera.”
On Wednesday, it was revealed that Lauren Conrad’s sweet-tempered roommate once had aspirations to be a model and succumbed to influence of others. “I’m not ashamed of these photos, but I don’t want my young fans to think they have to do what I did,” Patridge says. “I hope people can learn from my inexperience.”
She just makes it worse! Shut up already!

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