Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Heidi MONTAG is a BI-ATCH!

On last season’s juicy cliff-hanger of The Hills, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt briefly called it quits after clashing over their wedding plans. The camera showed Montag leaving L.A. to head to her hometown of Colorado.

In an exclusive clip from the new season of the MTV hit (debuting March 24), Pratt shows up uninvited to the Montag homestead and joins them at dinner.

“Thank you for making Heidi,” Pratt says, toasting her parents.

Miffed, Montag snaps, “What was it you were saying, mom, about if [Spencer] really cared about my needs he’d respect my space?”

Replies mom: “Heidi has expressed that she needs some time to get her head together and some time to herself.”

Pratt looks stunned.

In the new issue of Us Weekly (on newsstands now), Montag reveals that Pratt “betrayed” her with another woman during their brief split.

"Spencer and I may differ on what it means to cheat," she tells Us.
Says Pratt, "We're definitely on a roller coaster. I'm not too happy about a lot of things."

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You don't have a conversation like this in front of the parents, it just shows how immature Heidi is, if Spencer was smart he would have gotten up from the table, walked away and NEVER talked to Heidi again!

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