Friday, March 14, 2008


On her line being more affordable than ex-pal Lauren Conrad:

“Lauren’s line is not necessarily something I would wear - she’s trying a high-fashion thing, but it’s a little overpriced. Mine is fun and flirty for the everyday woman. Most people can’t afford $200 for one dress.”

On how people can dress her clothes up and down:

“Throw on flats or heels, you’re ready to go!”

On her former BFF Lauren:

“When we were in school, I was the designer, and she was in, like, product development.”

Ummm, Heidi weren't you at FIDM for like two weeks sweetie? And the whole bash on Lauren has gotten a little played out now. Even Lauren just seems bored with it now. Heidi is acting like an ex who keeps trying to cause drama just to stay on the fringe of someone's life!


Zayi said...

heidi's an idiot. product development is designing.

Anonymous said...

no, Heidi and Lauren met at the San Fran branch of FIDM. Heidi was there for ATLEAST semester or two and then she moved to the LA branch, stayed for a couple weeks then dropped out for that job at Bolthouse. I actually went to the LA FIDM for two weeks, too, and decided that I didn't like it and went to a real university instead.

Anonymous said...

at least a* semester or two, I mean

Anonymous said...

1029 atleast your honest!!