Friday, March 7, 2008

Lauren Burk Press CONFERENCE

Not ready to make an arrest.

Lauren was not sexually assualted. This from Forensics.

They still believe they have strong leads.

They found a gas can they are now testing it.

No press conference this weekend unless something breaks.

Continue to interview people.

Explains they are being tightlipped until closure in respect for the Burk family.

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CRS said...

There have been breaking developments tonight, earlier today after a high speed chase of an armed robbery suspect the police found items in the suspects car linking him to lauren burk. The police will hold a news conference tomorrow at 11 am est. So it would appear as of now this was senseless crime, a robbery gone bad. How sad that a young woman had to lose her life over what a few bucks? How sad. I hope they go for the death penalty in this case.