Monday, March 10, 2008

Lauren Burk

This is just awful; both in this case as well as in the Carolina Case, the murderers are African Americans preying on White Victims. If this were the opposite case where whites had done this to African Americam women then the media and Revereands Al and Jesse would never be quiet. I hope that Obama speaks about Black violence or else I am switching my vote to McCain. African Americans needs to speak up now or else they can kiss goodbye their entry into mainstream America. Come on Black America lets hear what you have to this the victims fault or are you taking responsibility? Too bad that when Bill Cosby tried to speak of how Black America needs to take responsibility for their own, that he was ostracized by that community.

The above is a comment left on the Auburn Student Newspaper website.

Put color aside, stop wasting your time judging people based on race and appearence. Lauren Burk didn't. From reading her facebook, one thing she dispised was people who judged others based on racism or appearence. We can all learn a lesson from Lauren in this regard. Rather than waste your time on hate, celebrate Lauren's life, give to the schlorship fund that has been set up in her name, call your friends, your parents, spend time with them all. Ask Lauren's friends what they wish and many would wish only for a few minutes with Lauren or talking to Lauren one more time. You can't always count on tomorrow to do some things.

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