Thursday, March 20, 2008

Lauren CONRAD luvs the BAD BOYS!

“Why don’t you like sweet guys?” Ryan Seacrest asked The Hills star on his show this morning.“They’re not as fun!” Conrad said.

Pal Lauren Bosworth (a.k.a. Lo) agreed.“Sweet boys can be, like, filler,” Lo said.

The 22-year-old Lauren Conrad, seen here in New York this week, admits that she’s “easily bored” with most guys and believes dating is all “about the chase.”“You want the game to be played,” Conrad said. “You don’t want to have a great time and him to call you right after!” “It’s weak to text,” Conrad adds. Seacrest, who said Conrad is “tragic in [the dating] department,” asked, “What’s with you and falling for these guys?”Lauren Conrad replied, “I have no idea!”

Don't you think most girls do though?


Anonymous said...

"sweet boys can be like filler" Damn Lo, always thinking about food huh? Fatty can't find a boy to stay with her. She's more like the filler or fluffer...whatever you would like to call her.

Anonymous said...

LOLO does need to lay off the food for a while, the running today was a start i guess!

Anonymous said...

no wonder she keeps going back the brody..... he's not worth it