Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Lauren CONRAD stabbed in the back by Audrina Patridge and Brody JENNER!

Lauren Conrad Exclusive
Betrayed By Brody & Audrina
Oh dear god Lauren was stabbed in the back by Brody and AUDRINA! On the humanity! See the Hills biatch! How ironic this story comes out and the Hills start Monday.
How many people have stabbed girlie in the back now? Brody, Kristin, Audrina, Stephen, Jason, Heidi, Jen Bun, Spencer, Spencer's sister, and on and on. Seriously I think this is all publicity but if it were real and she was my friend, I wouldn't be blaming all these other people, I would be looking at her as the problem. I think in real life she does have a lot of drama queen.


Anonymous said...

Your just a bitch!

Jen said...

read what you write before you post it...your last sentence don't make sence...quit being a hater