Friday, March 7, 2008

So, let's talk tipping, when did 15% become a bad tip?

So I have had some extra time today and was reading over at its a site about tipping.

And from reading all the stories I took away a few things, one, their is a perception southerners are bad tippers as are foreigners and blacks. I also took away that anything less than 20% is an insulting tip.

I find that a little insulting.

First, in general, I personally do tip atleast 20%. I understand that these people do not make much in terms of actual salary and they usually have to share the tips with bus boys, etc. so in general I am quite generous. I believe in leaving atleast a dollar a drink usually more depending on how crowded a bar is, I believe the longer your at the bar the more you should tip because honestly you are taking a spot at the bar with limited seats. Now, if its the middle of the afternoon and I'm just grabbing a quick drink and the bar is empty, I dont feel overly obliged to tip 5 bucks on 7 dollar drink even if check messages or meet someone for thirty minutes. Afterall the bar is empty.

Same thing with a restaurant, if the restaurant is crowded and you have a long dinner, I do feel obliged to tip more as the table couldn't turn over. Especially if service is good.

Now all of that said, really what is a waitress, bartender or waitor really worth? I mean you don't have to have any education and the job isn't hard, let's be honest. Their on their feet -thats about it. Their not lifting heavy rocks, ok!

So if a nurse is worth 50k a year which is the average nursing salary and a bagger at the grocery store makes $11 an hour or 22k a year, to me a server should fall somewhere in between, say 38k a year or $19.00 an hour.

So lets assume that a waitress at a moderalty priced restaurant handles 5 tables, reasonable. And lets assume the average tab ends up being $50 a table. And people tip 15%. $250.00 at 15% is $37.50 per hour, that works out to close to $75,000 a year. So even if you say they give 20% of their tips to kitchen, etc. they still make $60,000.00 a year.

And thats not a nice restaurant where you and your significant other are spending an hour or two and walking out with a bill of $150.00 to $200.00.

So my conclusion is that the HELP thinks their worth a little too damn much.

You want to make more, go get an education. Your bringing me water for christ sake.

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