Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Is ONE of the HILLS girls PREGNANT?


CRS said...

A blind item says that one of them is in fact pregnant! Lc was makin in with stephen for awhile, the french guy in paris. I don't think its whitney. Could be audrina, she tramps around town. Lo looks chunkier than usual lately. And then theirs heidi, but I don't buy her and spencer have ever even had sex. If I had to put money down it would be on Lo. That said with this new show on E! Pop Fiction we may just being set up. Whaddya all think?

Anonymous said...

LO has been chunky for a long while. I am going to say Audrina. Lo has been wearing those hideous high waisted pants and tucked in tops...not suitable for pregnancy wear. Audrina has been wearing really loose fitting things. I pray to god it's not Heidi...just cause I really could care less if she did get pregnant. Just what the world needs is a speidi baby.