Thursday, March 13, 2008

Spencer PRATT gets an ADVICE column, oh BROTHER!

If you've got a problem, yo — Spencer Pratt will solve it.

Pratt, who torments Lauren Conrad on "The Hills," is getting his own advice column in Radar magazine. Pratt and his squeeze, aspiring pop star Heidi Montag, are Conrad's archnemeses on the popular MTV reality show, which returns with all-new episodes March 24.
Pratt's new column — titled "YO SPENCER!" — will debut in Radar's April issue, on newsstands March 25, the magazine announced Wednesday.
"Spencer is never afraid to speak his mind," Radar editor Maer Roshan said in a statement. "When asking for advice, it's good to have someone who will be brutally honest with you, and tell it like it is."

The magazine featured Pratt, 24, in a Q&A in its November 2007 issue.

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Anonymous said...

Yo Spencer!? What the hell. This is just a tragedy waiting to happen. What is he going to do, tell young girls who are emotionally abused, dying for attention that they should stay withtheir loser boyfriend and should let him milk them for all their worth. No thanks. He's funny to watch on the Hills, a reality show, but to give actual advice to people...please dont!